Amazon Alexa & Google Voice Assistant for hospitality services

“Alexa, order room service” “Alexa, call the front desk” “Alexa, help me check out”

Your guests want hospitality experiences that are personalized, and memorable. Alexa for Hospitality helps you deliver those immersive experiences, so you can delight your guests, and improve your teams’ productivity. Alexa for Hospitality integrates seamlessly with your existing amenities and services, to become your guests’ virtual concierge. Alexa simplifies tasks for guests like playing music, ordering towels, controlling in-room temperature or lighting, finding local restaurants and attractions, calling, and even checking out. Alexa makes delivering a great customer experience simple. Just ask.

Personalize your guest experience with Alexa

Alexa becomes the hub of the room, creating a guest-centric experience through the power of their voice. Alexa provides an experience that all guests can enjoy. By just asking, guests can:
1. Play music by station/genre/artist;
2. Control in-room devices by voice;
3. Find local business and services…

Amazon Alexa in hotel room

Bring your guest services to life with Alexa

Alexa allows you to customize your hospitality experience so guests can access your services and amenities from the comfort of their room, using just their voice. Our hospitality-ready features are designed so guests can naturally engage with Alexa. Guests can just ask:
“Alexa, order room service”
“Alexa, send up two more towels”
“Alexa, call the front desk”
“Alexa, help me check out”

Alexa for Hospitality transfers guests’ requests for hospitality services to the right team immediately, allowing for responsive service. And by routing routine tasks – like housekeeping or room-service requests – Alexa for Hospitality enables your staff to focus on the guest interactions that matter most.

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