All-in-One Startup Marketing Package

All-in-One Startup Marketing Package for Small Business
* Google Ads Service & PPC Management
* Email Campaign Design & Launch
* Social Media Brand Building
* ETA : 10 business days
* Price: $999




What Is Included in Startup Marketing Package for Small Business:

* 2 search campaigns development.
* Keywords research and target establishing.
* Audience study and remarketing tag application.
* Ads copywriting.
* Banner set creation.
* Email campaign planning and content creation.
* Email campaign launching and report.
* Social accounts creation and verification.
* Profile photos, highlight covers, and cover images design.
* Bio, description and Our Story copywriting.

How Startup Marketing Pack for Small Business Works:

(1) Getting Order Details
Time Frame: 1 day
When you buy the startup marketing package, our team will get in touch with you to clarify all the details about your business. We’ll ask you to provide a description of your business and your specific aims. Moreover, our team requires your MailChimp account, GoogleTag Manager, and Google Analytics account details. Additionally, we’ll need to know the details of your business social media accounts. A detailed description of your company and requirements will help us establish correct goals, create campaigns, and produce appropriate content.

(2) Creating Accounts
Time Frame: 1 day
If you don’t have any required accounts, our team will help you to create them. You need to get a MailChimp account to collect information about the audience before it becomes possible to launch an email campaign. If necessary, we’ll instruct you on how to create a Google Ads account and add payment methods to it. Additionally, you’ll get assistance in setting up business accounts on Facebook and Instagram, if needed, and connecting them.

(3) Planning and Analyzing
Time Frame: 1 day
Our brand building services pay considerable attention to the analysis of your company’s needs and aims. So, we’ll conduct extensive research of your target audience. It will help us set targeted ads, adjust emails, and choose relevant keywords for your business. Also, we’ll analyze your experience with Google Ads, Google Analytics, and your email strategy. After that, our team can study your social media texts, if you have any, to make any necessary corrections.

(4) Designing and Content Creation
Time Frame: 3-5 days
Within startup marketing pack services for small businesses, we’ll design appropriate images and write professional texts for your advertisements, emails, and social media accounts. First of all, our designers will create banners for Google Ads, professional profile photos for social media accounts, Instagram highlight covers, and a Facebook cover image. Secondly, our professionals will create custom texts for your business. These include the content for ads campaigns, emails to your target audience, a keywords-rich username for business social networks accounts, descriptions of your company for social media, headings for the alleged Facebook and Instagram posts, and Facebook Our Story copywriting.

(5) Launching, Tracking, and Reporting
Time Frame: 2 days
When the images and texts are ready, our experts will launch your Google Ads and email campaigns. Moreover, we’ll use different marketing tools to collect and analyze the data. Our professionals won’t leave you alone, so we’ll track the progress and make sure that the campaigns are successful. Our team will send you a report with the results of the Google Ads service.

To Provide Startup Marketing Package for Small Business, We Need:
* Business information (name, address, products or services, etc.).
* Target audience and campaign goals.
* MailChimp account access.
* Google Analytics and Google Ads account access.
* Facebook and Instagram account URLs.
* Your logo.
* A unique username (under 15 characters).

Why You Need All-in-One Marketing Service for Small Business

With the fierce competition in online business, the effective promotion of a newly-created company is a must. With this marketing pack, you get everything you need to make customers know about the business. Our startup marketing package for small businesses comprises all the aspects required for efficient brand building.

Firstly, with Google Ads service, your target audience will see your brand’s name on top of the search results page, which will draw people’s attention and significantly improve conversion rates. Secondly, due to the email campaign creation, it is possible to establish long-term connections with the audience and turn them into loyal customers. Thirdly, social media brand building will assist in spreading the word about your business via the most popular networks.
Our professionals create niche-specific, target-oriented content that takes into consideration the most peculiar needs of companies. Consequently, your customers will see relevant ads in search results, read appropriate information in emails they receive. Emails with attention-grabbing subject lines and clear call-to-action will encourage people to visit your site and take advantage of your offers.

Similarly, our specialists will produce the most appealing visual content for the brand. You can be sure that all the pictures will meet the required dimension sizes of banners, cover images, etc. Moreover, they will look awesome for visitors using both mobile devices and desktop computers.

The startup marketing package will raise brand awareness using different tools, so you will see the results quite fast. The combination of emails, ad campaigns, and social media brand building will enforce your marketing results. Additionally, created by professionals, the company’s texts and images will follow the same style and be visually appealing to the audience. Thus, your brand will stand out from competitors.


Will I be able to revise the texts and designs that you create?
Our team will send you email design and texts, ad banners, profile pictures, cover images, etc. for your approval. You get full control of what you want your customers to see. If any edits are necessary, we’ll make them according to your requirements.

Why is the personalization of emails important?
Our specialists study your target audience and create customized emails to increase the number of customers who take action after reading the email. When people see the texts that appeal to their needs, they are more eager to act.

Do you create posts for social media?
This startup marketing package includes only the initial stage of social media marketing. Our experts will assist you in creating business accounts on social media, introducing your brand, and adding appealing images for brand photos and covers. Additionally, we’ll develop headings for supposed Facebook and Instagram posts. If you want to get various posts that will help you promote your company on social media, take advantage of our Social Media Writing Services.


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