Custom Logo Design Services

Custom Logo Design Services
* Custom logo design and redesign
* Appropriate content and multiple file formats
* Several revisions of concepts and design
* ETA : 10 days
* Price: $199




What Is Included in Custom Logo Design Services:
* Personalized logo
* 3 design concepts
* Brand philosophy
* Color options
* Vertical and horizontal options
* Logo formats

How Business Logo Design Services Work:

Getting The Details
Time Frame: 1 day
To start the logo design and branding services, our support representative contacts the customer and receives the order details. At this step, the customer should explain their idea in the most descriptive way. Everything related to the project and its branding is important for our designers to know.

Personalized Logo Design Services
Time Frame: 2 days
After getting the order details, our designers will create two to three logo concepts to choose from. You may decide on the design that best articulates your brand philosophy. Our professional team can help you with wording or color choices within our custom logo design services. Then, we’ll create a logo that will represent your company and send it to you.

Revisions & Approval
Time Frame: 1-2 days
Once you receive the design, you should evaluate it. If you want to make any changes, you have to inform our team. You can have two free rounds of revisions. When you approve the final version, our team will send you the result in four formats.

To Provide Logo Design Branding Services, We Need:
* Detailed project description (type of services and/or products)
* Existing logo (if you have one)
* Color preferences or existing brand colors


What is the format of the logo?
Our designers will send you your logo in four different formats: AI, ESP, PSD, PNG. You may use the files depending on your needs.

How can we agree on the design if we don’t like any of the concepts you provide?
As a rule, we provide clients with two to three unique design concepts. If you don’t like any of them, we can create two extra designs for you. To avoid any misunderstandings and to assist us in creating a design you like, explain your idea in detail before we start the service.

How many revisions will I get?
After you choose one of the design concepts and we create a logo for you, we make two rounds of revisions for free.


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