Email Campaign Design & Launch

Email Campaign Design & Launch
* In-Depth Business Niche Analysis
* Professional Email Campaign Service
* Compelling Content Creation and Campaign Launch
* ETA: 10 business days
* Price: $399




What Email Campaign Design Includes:

* Email campaign planning – Our professionals will clarify the type of campaign, analyze your previous campaigns, and identify your expectations.

* Audience targeting – We’ll segment your audience and create a targeted email list.

* Email content creation – We will create unique content and the original design of your emails. Our professionals will take care of catchy subject lines and the incorporation of effective calls-to-action.

* Text and design revision

* Campaign launching

* Email campaign report – We’ll manage your email campaign and evaluate the results. You’ll get these results in a report.

How To Create an Email Campaign:

(1) Getting Details and Planning the Email Campaign
Time Frame: 1 day
After purchasing the service, our support team will contact you to clarify the details. We need to know the type of campaign required and your specific requirements. Additionally, we’ll ask you to provide us your MailChimp account details.

(2) Email Campaign Design Mockup
Time Frame: 2-6 days
After we have received your details and expectations, our professionals will carry out the analysis of your current email strategy. Then we’ll create a targeted email list, create the design of the email and write the content. Our experts will do their best to create catchy subject lines and calls-to-action. When we have managed to create an email campaign design, we’ll send you the mockup for approval. If you wish to make any changes, we’ll provide you a revision of the email.

(3) Email Campaign Launching and Analysis
Time Frame: 3-4 days
After approving the email campaign design, our experts will launch your campaign. Your clients will start receiving targeted emails and reading relevant information. Additionally, our email campaign service includes collecting and analyzing data. Our professionals will check whether the campaign is successful. We’ll apply different marketing tools for email campaign management to track the progress and evaluate the results. You can rely on us for professional support.

To Create an Email Campaign, We Need:

* Access to your MailChimp account
* Email campaign purpose (newsletter, sale email, etc.)
* URL to the list of subscribers
* Current campaign details
* Project information: website URL, industry, goals, and objectives
* Email campaign requirements (if you have any)

Why Choose Email Campaign Creation

Do you believe that email marketing is out-of-date? If yes, we are here to persuade you that a targeted email campaign design can engage your clients and draw new customers.

Email is still one of the most powerful tools to reach and engage your audience. If you create an email campaign carefully, you will be able to write appealing messages that will attract your audience. Moreover, with skilled email campaign creation, you can create targeted email lists and choose the audience who will see your emails. The customization of emails will significantly increase the number of people who react to your emails.

With our email campaign service, you can be sure that the right customers receive the right information at the most appropriate time. Our expert team will assist you in personalizing your content, creating compelling calls-to-action, successful campaign launching, and monitoring campaign results. Our professionals guide you through all the steps of email campaign creation, beginning with the analysis and planning to campaign launch and checking results.

Please note: This service is provided for Mailchimp users only. If you don’t have an account, you need to register to get one and collect the audience for a campaign prior to purchasing this service. The email addresses that you use for email campaigns should be obtained legally.


For which email service providers do you offer your email campaign design?
We create and launch email marketing campaigns via MailChimp only.

What if I don’t have a MailChimp account?
If you don’t have a MailChimp account, our team will give you instructions on how to get it. You have to register your account and begin collecting your audience before we can launch an email campaign for you.

Do you make the automation of email marketing within your email campaign service?
Unfortunately, we don’t provide an email marketing automation within this offer. Email marketing automation is a service created individually for each business, depending on its requirements. While some companies will require just one email, others may need five emails in a sequence depending on the company’s goals. We can create a series of emails for you for an additional price. Please contact our support team to find out the details.

Can you launch a campaign with my design?
This service already includes an email campaign design. However, we can use your design if you prefer. Our professionals will review your design and advise you to make the necessary changes if it is required. After your approval, we can create and launch your campaign.


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