Multi Language Website Service

Multi Language Website Service
* Configuration of multilanguage functionality
* Language switcher integration
* Installation of new language packs
* ETA: 4 days
* Price: $369




What is included in Multi-language Website Services:
* Adding multilanguage functionality
* Configuration of a language switcher
* Adding new languages

How it Works:

(1) Collecting Information
Time Frame: starting from 15 minutes, depending on if access details are ready
Our customization team will contact you via email after the purchase. We will ask you to provide access details to your site’s admin panel and your hosting account, and list the languages you want to have on your site.

(2) Fulfilling the Service
Time Frame: up to 5 business days
Once we have all the access credentials, we will make all the listed changes and add multilanguage functionality to your site. You’ll be able to check the status of your project with your personal project manager.

(3) Reviewing & Finishing Up
Time Frame: from 15 minutes, depends on the number of revisions if any
We will report to you after performing all the changes. You will need to review and approve the results. In case there are any additional modifications required, you have one free revision.

To Provide This Service We Need:
* Access to your site’s admin panel and hosting account
* (for WordPress) access to wpml.org account or files of the plugin

Why you need the Multilanguage Package

Unfortunately, not all website platforms have built-in functionality to manage different languages. Yes, I am looking at you, WordPress and Shopify. Or, the functionality may be available, but its configuration is complicated and cumbersome. That is okay in case your target audience speaks only one language. Just install a template, add your content, and you are good to go.

However, you may have a business that works in different countries, or an online store that sells products to clients who speak different languages. In this case, a multilingual site is a must. Not only you will provide a better user experience, but you will also help your partners and clients to find information and products much faster. By having a multilingual site you show thatyou care about people you work with, about their time, and their comfort.

Another advantage is that you can manage different language versions separately. For example, when you introduce services specific to only one region, you can show those services on just one language version of your site. Or when some products cannot be shipped to a few particular countries, you will be able to hide them. Offering multiple languages gives you a lot of freedom in how you work with your audience. And you will be able to understand and react to the needs of different clients better.

With our service, we will implement and configure a functionality to manage different language versions of your site. For WordPress, we will use the WPML plugin. That is an industry-leading solution that works seamlessly with a lot of other extensions. For Shopify, we have opted for Weglot because of its rich set of features.

Along with the installation of a needed plugin, we will add new languages to your site. Plus, we will create and show a language switcher to allow your site visitors to select a language they prefer. With WPML, you can even activate an option to choose a version of your site based on a visitor’s browser language.


What if I want to use some other plugin/extension to add multilanguage functionality?
We have chosen WPML for WordPress and Weglot for Shopify because of their popularity, set of features, and compatibility with other plugins and modules. However, we can provide you with a quote for the integration and configuration of some other solution. Feel free to use our chat to ask for that.

Why and when additional RTL conversion may be needed?
With RTL conversion, you will get full support for right-to-left languages like Arabic or Hebrew. All design elements and page structure will be mirrored. You may use a template without an RTL layout, but in this case, only texts will change their direction; the whole design will stay the same as in the default LTR version.


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