Must-Have WordPress Plugins

Must-Have WordPress Plugins
* Careful selection of extensions
* Installation and activation of the plugins
* ETA: 1 business day
* $184




Must-have WordPress Plugins Include:
* SEO optimization plugin
* Google Analytics plugin
* Advanced site editor
* Image optimizer
* Sitemap plugin
* Login page URL change plugin
* Admin panel customization plugin
* Installation of all the mentioned extensions on your website

How Must-Have WordPress Plugins Work:

(1) Collecting Information
Time Frame: from 15 min
Our customization team contacts you via email after your order is confirmed. We’ll ask you to provide access details to your site’s admin panel and your hosting account. This stage will take from 15 minutes if your access details are ready. If your template hasn’t been installed yet, we can install it for you within 3 to 6 hours for an extra $49.

(2) Must-have WordPress Plugins Installation
Time Frame: from 1 to 2 business days
Within the next 1 to 2 business days, we will install all the must-have WordPress plugins included in the package. Then, we’ll activate them and make sure that everything works properly. You will be able to check the status of your project with your personal project manager.

(3) Reviewing & Finishing Up
Time Frame: from 15 min
When the plugins installation is finished, our team will inform you. You will be able to check how those plugins are working, and approve the final results. In case there is something to be changed or fixed, you can inform our team about that and use one revision (included for free). The revision process can take 15 minutes or more.

To Install Must-have WordPress Plugins We Need:
* cPanel and FTP + MySQL access
* Admin panel login and password

What You Get with Must-have WordPress Plugins
Do you want to make your WordPress website faster, more functional, and better optimized for search engines? Do you wish to make your pages easier in use both for you and your customers? Purchase the package of best WordPress plugins created in cooperation with our support, customization, and production teams to achieve these aims.

To create this package, our team has carried out a detailed analysis of the most popular issues that our customers face. These plugins deliver must-needed and often requested features for both new and experienced site owners. Moreover, all extensions were thoroughly tested on a wide variety of templates and websites to be sure they work as intended.

After we install all must have plugins for WordPress website, you will be able to enjoy all the advantages of your improved site. For example, to make the process of blog editing more relaxed, we have selected some of the best WordPress plugins for blogs. These plugins will integrate an advanced editor to save your time while you craft your posts, and will optimize the images you add in no time. You will also be able to make users’ shopping experience smoother and more enjoyable thanks to Google Analytics extension. It will allow you to track users’ behavior and optimize your website where necessary.

Moreover, we have included the best WordPress plugin for SEO to improve your site’s ranking. It will be useful for every site owner.

In short, within this package, you will find plugins to help you with better SEO, content editing, image optimization, and admin panel tweaking. These plugins will also make your site more secure and protected from hackers.


What plugins are you using?
Our developers are constantly testing a lot of comparable solutions to add the functionalities mentioned in the description. Because of that, the list of specific plugins is changing, and when you order the service, you’ll get the best extensions currently available.

Will you install a template for me when I purchase Must-Have Plugins?
The installation of a template is not included, but you can purchase this service separately on our site as well.

Do you install any extra plugins that are not included in the package?
Yes, we can do that for an extra fee. Feel free to start a chat on our site and agree on the pricing with our consultants.

What if I need only one of the plugins from the package to be installed?
This service is a packaged solution, so we do not install plugins from it separately for a smaller fee.

What languages do you work with?
When we install plugins, the language of the website doesn’t matter to us. However, communication with your project manager will be in English.


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