Social Media Brand Building

Social Media Brand Building
* Individual Strategy Creation
* Professional Social Media Designs
* Band Description Copywriting
* ETA: 7 days
* $175




What Is Included in Social Media Services:

  • Facebook cover image – We’ll design and upload a cover image for your Facebook account.
  • Facebook and Instagram profile photos – Our designers will create professional profile photos for your social media accounts.
  • Username creation – We’ll help you to create a strategic, keyword-rich username for your accounts.
  • Bio and description copywriting
  • Instagram hashtags research
  • Facebook Our Story copywriting
  • Facebook header image
  • Instagram highlight covers – Our designers will create up to 5 covers for your Instagram highlights.
  • Accounts connection – We’ll connect Facebook and Instagram accounts for your business.
  • 3 image templates – You will get image templates in the PSD format to use on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Account verification – We’ll assist you with verifying your business social media accounts if it is required.

How Social Media Brand Building Works:

(1) Getting Order Details
Time Frame: 6 hours
When you buy social media services, our support team will get in touch with you to find out your requirements and business details. Please provide our team with a description of your business. We’ll review your text and make it applicable to social media accounts. Also, we need to know the URLs or your accounts.

(2) Social Media Design and Writing Process
Time Frame: 6 days
After you provide us with the details, we’ll start creating customized texts within our small business social media services. You can be sure that our professionals will develop appealing texts for your social media accounts. Moreover, our copywriters will come up with headings for the alleged Facebook and Instagram posts that will meet your requirements. When we finish writing, our team will send you the text for approval. If you wish to change anything, we’ll make the edits. After that, we’ll give the texts to designers who will create avatars, covers, and pictures for accounts. When everything is ready, our team will send the images for your approval. If any edits are required, we are ready to revise.

(3) Project Completion
Time Frame: 1 day
When you approve the design, we’ll send you the texts and images for social media brand building. If it is necessary, we can create accounts on social networks for you.

To Provide Social Media Services, We need:

  • Facebook and Instagram account URLs
  • Website URL (if you have it)
  • Short description of your business (under 160 characters)
  • Your logo A unique username (under 15 characters)
  • Business information (if you want us to create accounts for you)

What You Get with Our Social Media Writing Services

Social media brand building is an essential part of business strategies. If you own a business, it’s not enough to have a website. If you want to spread the word about your company, to improve brand loyalty, and to launch successful marketing campaigns, social media accounts are a must.

Small business social media services are incredibly beneficial for small and medium-sized companies, as their target audience spends a lot of time on social media. When so many people are using Facebook and Instagram, neglecting these channels for company promotion is a shame. These social media represent a powerful platform for brand promotion.

To increase your brand awareness through social media, your accounts have to be original, eye-catching, and memorable. Customers should easily associate your accounts with your company. With professional social media brand building, you will get amazing social media accounts and unique content. Our expert business social media services involve designing outstanding images and writing high-quality texts.

If you are just starting your business, our social media brand building services will assist you in creating your appealing accounts that correspond to your brand peculiarities. You will be able to build your strategies with accounts of supreme quality. If you have already got some experience in business, we’ll help you to improve the look of your brand on social media by making it more specific and customer-oriented.

Our professional team can guarantee that you will get carefully organized accounts on Facebook and Instagram with our social media services. We’ll do our best to tell your brand story delightfully. Furthermore, we’ll provide you with attention-grabbing visual content that includes cover photos, highlight covers, and post images. Also, we can create the best hashtags appropriate for your niche.


Will you create social media accounts for me if I don’t have them yet?
Sure, if you need social media accounts to be created, we will provide this service for you. The creation will take 1 more day after the order completion. You will have to provide us with your social networks access details.

Can you assist me in account verification?
Sure, we can. If you require account verification, we’ll be glad to help you with it.

Will you help me to come up with a username?
If you don’t have a username yet, our professionals will help you to create it. We’ll take into consideration your brand details and target audience to come up with a keyword-specific name. You only have to inform us about your requirements or preferences.

What is the principle of choosing a color scheme for images?
Our support team will ask you to provide information about your business and company, so we always try to understand your brand peculiarities and needs. Also, you’ll send us your company logo, so our designers will make sure that the color scheme matches your brand logo.

Will you write posts for social media instead of me?
Unfortunately, this social media brand building service implies only brand description writing and the creation of themes and headings for the alleged social media posts. If you want our copywriters to create posts for your social media, you can purchase our Social Media Writing service. The latter implies writing 18 posts (9 for Instagram and 9 for Facebook) up to 1300 words of the original text with keyword planning.


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