Social Media Writing Services

Social Media Writing Services
* Persuasive Content
* Affordable Prices
* Fast Delivery
* Time Fram: 5-7 business days
* Special Price: $199




What You Get with Social Media Writing Services:
* 9 posts for Facebook
* 9 posts for Instagram
* Hashtag selection – We’ll help you to choose the most efficient, niche-specific hashtags.
* Unique, well-written texts
* Grammatically correct content
* Text revision – We’ll give you the text for revision and approval. We’ll make the necessary improvements if needed.

How it Works:

1. Getting The Details
Up to 6 hours after the purchase
To start the service, our customer support representative contacts a client asking to provide the required details.

2. Client’s Requirements & Text Approval

Time Fram: 1-2 days
Clarification the requirements and discussing topics of posts. Approving content plan for 18 posts on social media.

3. Content Creation
Time Fram: 5-6 days
Writing the content according to a client’s requirements. We will create 9 posts for Facebook and 9 posts for Instagram.

4. Selecting Hashtags
Time Fram: 1 day
Selection of efficient hashtags. Marketing team members will analyze your niche and provide the most valuable hashtags.

5. Revisions & Acceptance
Time Fram: 1 day
Giving the text to a client for approval and final revision. You will have the right to check the content and request improvements.

To Provide Social Media Post Creation We Need:

* Facebook and Instagram account URLs and your personal profiles’ names.
* A website URL (*optional)
* The country, state, city of your business.
* Business information about services provided.
* The significance of messages on your social media accounts.
* Any specific topics for Facebook & Instagram posts.

What You Get with Our Social Media Writing Services

Don’t have enough time to update your social media profiles frequently? Do you need the assistance of proficient copywriters? No matter what the answer is, you need to work on your social media to gain your online presence. We are glad to present a complete solution that will help you to launch a new project or improve your current online business professionally. Let us introduce the social writing offer.

Social media is the place where the majority of your consumers spend most of their time every day. Due to this, you need to publish new posts regularly to improve your brand visibility. You can start by telling your story on Facebook and Instagram and keep your subscribers engaged by posting the latest news, interesting facts and exciting stories. Social media marketing is the most powerful tool because it allows you to interact with your target audience directly.

After purchasing the social media post creation offer, we will deliver you the package of posts for Instagram and Facebook altogether. The social media writing services imply nine posts for each of these networks, or 1,300 words in total. We deliver persuasive and grammatically correct content only. By using ready-to-publish content, you can plan the next month and keep your subscribers updated in a few clicks. To publish a new post, you will need to pick up an image for your post, add the content and apply already selected hashtags. We will help you to save your time doing professional social writing for you.

An extra benefit that you will get is the keywords plan and hashtags mapping for your business niche. Thus, you will be able to compete with other brands, attract new users and make your brand stronger.

Please note: The content is provided in English and in Russian only.


What if I don’t have social media accounts yet?
– If you do not have accounts on social networks yet, you can create them yourself. Otherwise, you can forward this task to our team by ordering the Social Media Brand Building service.

How can I control the compliance of the posts with my requirements?
– At the initial stage, a client discusses all the details of the upcoming posts with a personal manager.

What should I do if the provided texts don’t meet my requirements?
– You have one free revision. Thus you can review the text and request additional edits. We will update the content for social media posts upon request.

Do you provide images for posts?
– Unfortunately, social media writing services don’t include images for your posts. You will get 18 posts for Facebook and Instagram and professional hashtag mapping.


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