Website Technical Support Services

Website Technical Support Services
* Priority support in a chat, email, or over the phone
* Complex issues troubleshooting
* 5 hours of Webmaster Assistance
* ETA : 1 Month
* Price: $99




What is Included in Website Technical Support Services:
* Available for purchased ZEMEZ templates
* Access to technical documentation and knowledge base
* Support via ticket system. Average response time is 1-8 hours on business days
* Support in Live Chat. Priority queue in Live Chat.
* Bug fixes for ZEMEZ templates and plugins. Implementation of bug fixes on a live website
* Emergency issues assistance
* Error debugging and complex issues troubleshooting
* Template related complex problem correction
* Third-party plugin related issues investigation
* Site speed audit and assistance with speed optimization
* On-demand Phone Access
* Free template installation
* 5 hours of webmaster assistance
* 15% discount for any service provided by TM Web Studio

How Premium Support Works:

Placing the Order
Time Frame: 5 minutes
After you pay for the offer on our website, you will be added to a special group of Premium Support users.

Using the Service
Time Frame: from 1 to 12 months
You can start a chat or send us an email to receive support or request a callback. No need to do anything extra: you will enjoy all the advantages of the Premium Support plan right after the payment is made.

Renewing the Subscription
Time Frame: after the Premium Support period ends
When the Premium Support period ends, you will be transferred to the basic free support automatically. To have all the Premium Support features again, you will need to purchase the offer one more time.


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