Google Ads Service & PPC Management

Google Ads Service & PPC Management
* Content Creation
* Ads Optimization
* Customer Support
* ETA: up to 10 business days
* Price: $649




What You Get with Google AdWords Service:
* Google Adwords account creation
* Google Analytics integration
* Remarketing tag implementation
* Keywords researching
* 2 search campaigns creation
* Ads copywriting
* Main targets setup
* Target audience research
* Banner set design
* PPC campaign management

How it Works:

(1) Data Collection
Time Frame: 1 business day
We ask a customer to answer several questions concerning his/her business and ads goals. Also, we need access details to the client’s Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics accounts. When we receive all the requested details, we’ll start working on individual campaigns.

(2) Creating Google AdWords Account
Time Frame: 1 business day
We’ll create an account and will share with the login details with instructions on how add payment methods.

(3) Creating Ad Campaigns
Time Frame: 2-3 business days
We create ad campaigns following your requirements. We will launch ads to build brand awareness or drive traffic and convert sales. Also, we link your AdWords account to Google Analytics and set up the goals and conversions in Google Tag Manager.

(4) Content Creation
Time Frame: 2 business days
We’ll design custom banners for a set of ads unders the Google AdWords management service. Then we’ll send all media files for client’s approval. Also, we start collecting remarketing audiences and set up remarketing campaigns.

(5) Tracking & Report
Time Frame: 1-2 business days
We manage the launched ad campaigns for 7 days. After that, we analyze the results of the Google AdWords service and send you a report.

To Provide Google Ads Service We Need:

* Information about your business for Google Adwords Account creation: Full Name, Business Phone, Business Email Address, Business Address, Website.

* Google AdWords Account access details.

* Your Google Adwords experience.

* The info about products advertised.

* Your location Targeted audience.

* Advertising period (temporary or permanent).

The search engine handles about 2+ trillion searches per year, and that’s over 5 billion searches per day. When people look for products or services, they can see up to three ads on the first page of Google search results. These ads are always relevant to their search requests and lead clients to the owners of promotion campaigns. Do you want to get attention need for your business and drive more clients to your site much quicker? Then use our Google AdWords service!

We will help you to attract new customers while keeping current customers engaged. You’ll be able to increase your profit, and even beat your competitors without making much effort. We’ll help you generate the maximum revenue from using Google Ads service and deliver the maximum result, staying in your budget.

Providing the Google Ads management service, we’ll provide a complete PPC advertising service for your business. Also, we’ll create and set up a Google AdWords account from scratch. This service includes remarketing tag implementation, keywords research, campaign creation.

Additionally, we’ll take care of the banners for your ads. Our professional designers will create a set of banners with custom content for you. As soon as you approve the concept of the advertising designs, we’ll proceed with the creation. We’ll deliver captivating Google Ads banners within two days.

In addition to all the work related to ads creation and optimization, we will manage your campaign for seven days and provide you with a report once the Google AdWords management service is over. Only your target audience will receive messages from you. Order Google Ads Management Service today, and we’ll help you manage PPC advertising like a pro.

Please note:
The advertising budget is not included in the Google Ads service price and the campaign results depend on your budget.


What is the average cost per click?
The cost per click value depends on many factors, such as target audience, location, business niche, the product you offer, etc. However, we’ll do our best to provide the best Google ads service.

How many conversions can I get from one ad campaign?
We cannot guarantee any specific amount of conversions, as it depends on various factors. By the way, we’ll optimize your ads to get the best results.

What is the average competition rate of Google AdWords ads?
The competition rate varies for different businesses. Also, the competition depends on the location, product, or services offered, etc.


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