Hire a Web Designer 10 hours

Hire a Web Designer 10 hours
* Designs of any difficulty
* Experienced designers
* Free project manager hours
* ETA: up to 5 business days
* Price: $199




Hire a Web Designer – Pay Per Hour Service Offers You:
* Number of designer hours – From 2 to 10, depending on a package
* Project manager hours
* Projects of any difficulty

How It Works:

(1) Collecting Information
Time Frame: from 15 min
After your payment is approved, our project managers will get in touch with you via email. Please describe in details the design you want us to create or customize. Also, we’ll let you know how much time is needed to complete the task. Please, be ready to provide screenshots, descriptions and additional info to detail your requirements.

(2) Creating the Design
Time Frame: up to 5 business days
We will create or customize a design for you. You will be able to check the progress contacting your project manager via chat or email.

(3) Reviewing & Finishing Up
Time Frame: from 15 min
Our team member will contact you when all listed customizations are done. Then, you will be asked to revise the design and approve it. Please notify us if there is anything to be changed or added. The review process usually takes about 15 minutes.

To Fulfil the Service, We Need:
* Information about a design you want us to create or customize
* Any additional details needed to perform the service

Why Hire a Web Designer?
Hire a Web Designer – Pay Per Hour Service is the best choice for those who want to create a completely new design or customize existing. Rely on it to jazz up any project of any complexity! It can be a logo to change or a homepage of your brand-new site. Anyway, you will get professional assistance from our project managers and designers.

The way this works is mostly automagically. To start, our project manager will contact you. Together you’ll discuss all the necessary details. After, we will estimate the amount of time needed to create your design and will set set the agenda for our production department. The only thing is needed from you is to describe precisely what design you want, and we’ll do the rest.

Here is an overview of what we can do within the provided timeframes:

* 2 hours – It’s enough for minor customizations of your logo or changing website graphic elements, like favicons or icons.

* 5 hours – This time is required for layout modifications of a site design in PSD. We can also create a new inner page for your website based on existing homepage design in PSD; site forms design, e.g. Contact Form or Request a Quote form; and even a new corporate identity based on an existing logo.

* 10 hours – Within this time we can provide you with a custom logo or other corporate identity; home page design for your website in PSD; and Advanced Custom form design.

Hire a Web Designer – Pay Per Hour Service guarantees you free consultations with one of our project managers. They are supposed to find out all the details and preferences about the design you want. You won’t have to pay while your project is in the Production Dept queue. In essence, you will pay only for the actual developing hours needed to fulfill the service.

We will do our best to fit the changes you request into the purchased package. However, challenging tasks may need extra job hours. So, if you like to get more modifications, you can purchase additional hours for $40/hour.


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