Storefront Design Services

Storefront Design Services
* Non-product images adjustment
* Adding slider and banner images
* Footer and header images configuration
* ETA: 3 days
* Price: $499




Ecommerce Homepage Design Includes:
* Slider images
* Banner images
* Newsletter pop-up image
* Footer and header images

Storefront Design Workflow:

(1) Providing Order Details
Time Frame: from 15 min
When you make the order, our support team will contact you. To create a storefront design for you, our experts will need detailed information about your project. Moreover, you will need to provide the images that you want us to insert on your page.

(2) Ecommerce Website Design Services
Time Frame: up to 3 business days
After we get all the information and images, our team will create your store page design. Our experts will adjust the images that are not connected with your products. Particularly, we’ll customize sliders, banners, newsletter pop-ups, footers and headers. Our professionals will adjust your store page according to your requirements.

(3) Reviews and Final Results
Time Frame: from 15 min
When our team has finished storefront design optimization, we will send you the results for approval. After you check your site, you have to tell us whether any changes are needed. You will have two free revisions in case anything has to be changed. After implementing the edits, our team will send you the final result.

To Create Custom Storefront Design, We Need:
* Access to your site’s admin panel
* FTP (or cPanel) access to your hosting
* Images that are to be replaced
* Instructions on where to place provided images

What Are eCommerce Website Design Services?
Building an online store is a fantastic way to make extra money. The eCommerce homepage design of your website is like a welcome mat for your house. So, creating a stunning design is the first thing one should take care of. You only get one chance to make a good impression!

Within eCommerce website design services, our professional designers will turn your site’s homepage into a beautiful and attractive storefront. We will keep the design of your template unchanged, but our experts will adjust non-product-related image areas to make your site more attention-grabbing. Our team will replace slider images and banners, add new newsletter pop-up images, and change backgrounds and footer and header images.

You will be able to discuss all the details about your contemporary storefront design with a personal manager assigned to you. Furthermore, you will be able to check the status of your project at any stage. Your project manager will communicate your requirements to the teams of designers, so you won’t need to master any technical terms to set precise tasks. All you have to do is to describe what images you would like to replace.

Please note:
* This service does not imply categories and product images replacement. We will add only non-product images to your store’s homepage.
* Installation of a template is not included but can be done for an extra fee.
* Communication with your project manager is in English (or we will use Google Translator).


Can I purchase the eCommerce website design services even if I do not have all the images ready yet?
Yes, you can provide your images for the storefront design block by block, once they are ready. You will work with one of our project managers whom you will be able to discuss such details with. Moreover, if you would like to speed up the launching of your site, you can also purchase images.

Will you install a template for me when I purchase Storefront Page Design?
Unfortunately, this store page design service doesn’t include the installation of a template. You can purchase this service separately on our site as well.

What if I need more images to be added to the template, or require any additional customizations of the storefront design?
We can add extra images or provide you with more customization options for an additional fee. Please feel free to contact our support team on our site. Our consultants will be happy to help you with pricing and time frames.

How do I provide the images for the eCommerce homepage design to you?
After the payment is made, one of our project managers will contact you and ask you to send all the pictures for your storefront design. It is possible to send your images via email or using a file-sharing service. Please choose the way that is most convenient for you.

What if I do not like the final result?
Before making the actual changes in a template, we will create a few screenshots to show what the template will look like with your images. You will check if everything is fine and make adjustments if needed. Moreover, after our experts finish customizing your store homepage, you will have two free revisions. We want to make sure that you get the store page design you like.


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