Website Protection from Hackers & Spam

Full-fledged website protection
* Enhanced security from hackers and spam
* Nine months of warranty
* ETA : up to 2 business days
* Price: $99




What Is Included in Website Protection from Hackers and Spam Service:
* Enhancing server security
* Blocking SQL injections and other types of intrusions
* Setting up a custom path to admin section (if it’s possible on current installation)
* Advanced configuration of security settings
* Adding Captcha for login forms
* Setting up advanced protection through the .htaccess file
* Providing a custom prefix for database tables
* Setting up custom permissions for files and folders
* Warranty: 9 months

Way It Works:

(1) Collecting Information
Our Senior Security Experts will get back to you via email to get the access details. We will need the link to your site, FTP or hosting cPanel details. To speed up the process, you may also provide SSH access information.

(2) Applying the Protection to your Joomla Installation
Time Frame: up to 2 business days
The Security Experts will check the hosting environment of your site to make specific configuration settings. We will also perform a basic monitor to find out if your website is hacked. After that, we will apply security adjustments to the web hosting configuration and to the Joomla core. At the last stage, your site will be provided with so-called visual protection. It includes adding Captcha for login forms and setting up a custom path to the admin section (if it’s possible for a current installation).

(3) Making Sure that Your Website Is Protected
Time Frame: from 25 min
We guarantee you to reassure that the implemented security settings effectively protect your website and its data. Please note, login access details can be changed because of security reasons. We will provide the new admin access details and custom link for the admin section (in case they are changed).

To Perform Website Protection from Hackers and Spam, We Need:
* FTP and/or cPanel access to your hosting account. You may be also asked for SSH access details
* The link to your website and admin access information

Benefit from a Qualitative Website Protection!

WordPress and Joomla are two of the most trusted website CMS platforms. They boast of many extensions, timely updates and handy themes. Often not tech-savvy users and advanced developers rely on these engines. That is why such platforms are popular among hackers as well. In fact, 96% of attacked websites are based on WordPress. Hackers make botnets using specific scripts that find vulnerabilities in the site installation. Then, it doesn’t require efforts to add malware code to the core, plugin files and theme files. Even the system folders of the host (where scripts should not have access by default) can’t resist.

Our Website Protection from Hackers and Spam Service prevents 98% of hacking attacks! It covers SQL injections and external links to malware. Moreover, we’ll rescue your site against infections with malware code. Ultimately, it’s better to prevent hacking attacks and intrusions rather than to clean up a site from malware code. So, hurry up to activate this service and avoid various complications! More than that, it’s a cost-effective solution. No additional fees or subscriptions are needed in the future: you pay once and enjoy full-time protection.

In addition, we provide a nine-month warranty for Website Protection from hackers and spammers. This period is enough for site owners to test their safety. Even after the expiration of the warranty, your website will be protected, as we take responsibility for the service.

It’s important to admit the impossibility to predict what kind of future attacks can happen. Nevertheless, due to our nine-month warranty, we are sure that your website will withstand attacks. Otherwise, we will provide Website Malware Removal Service for free and clean up your site. However, it not the reason for pessimistic thoughts. Just think, all our customers have 100% positive results from the protection we have set. We have not received any negative feedback during the five years this service has existed. Check it on your own!

Please note: Website Malware Removal Service is provided for free only if your site is hacked during the warranty period (nine months).


You state that the service prevents 98% of hacking attacks. Why not 100%?
Hackers use both old and new techniques causing website crashes to get access to full control over them. Our protection has proactive features that should stand against new types of attacks. Still, it’s not possible to predict what kind of tools or techniques hackers will use in the future. Luckily, such intrusions are very rare (2%). Mostly they are targeted at a specific site and purpose. Such attacks require a lot of resources (money and time) and are not widespread.

Can you provide the service without the FTP or hosting cPanel access?
We will not be able to set full protection without accessing your website’s core files. We should check the hosting configuration and apply the specific settings based on the configuration of your host. You may set up temporary access details and disable them when the service will be provided.

What would you do if my website got hacked during the warranty period?
We will carefully investigate the attack, find the reason for such an issue and remove malware from your site. Then, it will be kept in the sandbox for several days (until we’ll make sure that your website is fully secured). After you’ll be provided with the access details. We would like to mention that our customers have 100% positive results from the service. Plus, there is no negative feedback about Website Protection from hackers and spammers during the last five years.


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