Website Speed Optimization Service

Website Speed Optimization Service
All-around speed improvement
Source files minimization
Cache configuration
ETA: 3 business days
Price: $199




What You Get with Website Speed Optimization:
* Performance and speed analysis
* Content and database optimization
* Source files minimization
* Compressing & caching enabling
* Detailed report
* Delivery time

How it Works:

(1) Collecting Information
starting from 15 minutes, duration depends on availability of access details
Our customization team will contact you via email after the purchase. We will ask you to provide access details to your site’s admin panel and your hosting account.

(2) Fulfilling the Service
up to 5 business days depending on the platform
We will make all the optimizations. You’ll be able to check the status of your project with your project manager.

(3) Reviewing & Finishing Up
from 15 minutes, depends on the number of revisions (if any)
We will report to you after performing all optimization steps. You will need to review and approve the results. In case additional optimizations are required, you have one free revision.

To Provide This Service We Need:
* FTP and MySQL access OR cPanel access details
* Login details to your website admin panel

Why You Need the Website Speed Up Service
Do you have a site but want it to work faster and have a better Google PageSpeed score? Have you launched a new website and you want it to be well-optimized? If so, consider getting the website speed optimization service.

With this website speed-up service, we’ll perform the most effective website performance improvements that don’t require purchasing a more advanced hosting account or changing a CMS. We will: a) work on website speed increase, b) boost conversion rates, c) ensure good search results ranking. Among other modifications, we will optimize your content. This service includes compressing images, deleting unused plugins, etc. Moreover, we will minimize HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files, enable compression with browser caching, and optimize your website’s database.

Some content management systems provide additional capabilities to gain your website loading speed. Hence, we will use all possible ways to improve your website. Performing the website speed optimization service for Prestashop 1.7 sites, we will install the JX Accelerated Mobile Page (JX AMP) extension to make your site work much faster on mobile devices with almost instantaneous loading of website pages. You do not need to pay for the extension it’s included into this offer.

Performing the website speed optimization service for OpenCart websites, we will additionally optimize the site’s code for faster processing. You will get up to 10x loading speed improvement, speed up the access to often-used data and enable caching of all site’s pages. AJAX requests with proper integration of real-time dynamic data into the cached pages, make the front-end optimization effective. We will improve drastically your Google PageSpeed Insights score, by means of constant background optimization of newly added images. These optimization steps will help search engines to index and re-index your site faster and with a lower effect on site’s performance. These actions make website loading speed up to 50% faster.

Please note:

The website speed optimization service is valid for one website only.
Project starts when client provides all the necessary data to perform the service.
The client is responsible for creating a full site backup before the project starts, and for recovering the site from the backup if any issues appear.


Can I purchase the service even if I do not have a site yet?
Yes, we will make the listed changes once you install a template on your hosting and add your content to it.

Do you guarantee that my site will have 90+ in Google PageSpeed Insights?
A rating in Google PageSpeed Insights depends on a lot of factors including its algorithms (that change from time to time), your hosting and its type, optimization of your media content, the platform of your site, etc. Performing the Speed Booster offer, we’ll make all the necessary optimizations to speed up your website without changing your hosting or CMS. Please be advised that to achieve the best possible results, you may need to upgrade your hosting to a more powerful one (for example, use VPS or even a dedicated server instead of a regular shared hosting account).


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